Retroform Guidelines

What is Project Retroform?

Project Retroform is an art project about the translation of 2D graphical work into 3D representations of the our most beloved gadgets. The medium is paper and card, rendering Project Retrofrom easily accessible to the masses. Simply download, print, cut and paste to assemble these beautiful miniature models.


1. Do not ask for instructions, you will instinctively know how the pieces fit together once you get down to work! Google for some images of the gadget you are working on. Keep an open mind and improvise where necessary.
2. Print everything on thick photopaper if possible.
3. All models featured on Project Retroform are personal works unless otherwise stated.
4. Do not distribute, sell or modify.
5. All featured trademarks belong to respective corporations and are included in the name of art to add a flavour of realism. Retroform Project is designed by a fan, for fans. Not for profit.
6. Support my work, please.

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