Xbox 360 Classic


1. Cut out the piece which assembles the main body of the Xbox 360.
2. Cut out the pieces which form the face plate and the back of the machine.
3. Assemble the main body, then fit on the face plate and the back piece.
4. Cut out the long grey strip and the HDD. Fit the HDD on the top of the main body where it belongs and line the sides with the long grey strip.
5. Remove the excess grey strip.


  1. Awesome! Any chance you'll do the Kinect sensor and a black version, too?

  2. How do you download it, Flickr is blocking me and saying your account is private.

  3. Where it says download it brings you to a site where it says it has been removed.

  4. yes could you please make a other download link
    amazing work great job