Xbox 360 HD DVD


1. Cut out the piece which forms the main body of the HD DVD drive.
2. Cut out the white piece which will arch over the the main body, like the cover of a book.
3. Make sure you cut a slit onto the face of the body so that you may insert the disc tray.
4. Cut out the disc tray, fit this through the slit you just cut and then bend the white flap in front of the disc tray to glue on the cover of the disc tray which reads HD DVD.
5. Attach the white piece which you cut in step 2. You may realise that your disc tray flops up and down. Use the last uncut rectangular piece to brace it against the insides of the walls of the HD DVD drive to solve this problem before you close up the model.


  1. Thanks man. Hope you have a good time making it

  2. love this!! do u have a template for the outer xbox box packaging?

  3. the link was deleted 4 no reason